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菲律宾飞机群:Empowered to invest?

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OVER 80% of Malaysians and people in South-East Asia feel that they have sufficient knowledge and are confident of making investment decisions for their financial future, according to a survey.

Investors in the country, aged between 18 and 37 years, making up 78% of respondents to the survey strongly prioritise their principles and values when making investment decisions.

In comparison, investors aged 71 and above took the lead globally, with 76% placing more priority on these aspects, compared with 66% in South-East Asia, reveals Schroders Global Investor Study 2022.

About 23,000 people from 33 locations globally were surveyed.

Local investors also feel overwhelmingly that, as shareholders, they should have the power to influence the companies they invested in.

Half of the investors surveyed feel empowered to access both digital assets (49% versus 51% in South-East Asia and 47% globally) and private equity (45% versus 49% in South-East Asia and 47% globally).

About half of South-East Asian investors versus 45% globally are confident about in investing in real estate.




While most people feel empowered to invest in private assets, some asset classes are still perceived as complex and there is a need for support from financial providers and advisers.

This is particularly for infrastructure where South-East Asian investors were more likely to invest through a third-party product such as a mutual fund rather than directly.

Climate issues are seen as the most important engagement priorities in most countries in South-East Asia and this is in line with most other countries surveyed.


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